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08 January 2021

Behind The Piece


The amulet is an ancient and global concept, this little ‘Taveez’ is a gold capsule you can keep any secret or meaningful treasure forever inside. I have been wearing mine for years whit a snip of my babies hair inside. It can be a poem, a flower, a baby tooth…whatever gives you comfort to know it is with you all the time through life’s journeys.


22kt Gold Amulet Pendant

Meet the maker: Sushil


Born in Jaipur, Sushil and I have worked together for about 15 years, Sushil learned his skill from his family, his uncle Khen Raj who was a master goldsmith and has been a goldsmith for 25 years.


He specialises in hand work and is very proud and loves his work. Sushil and I have spent many hours studying seeds, leaves and flowers to replicate these minute miracles of nature in gold. He has a wonderful instinctive sense of beauty, proportion, balance and harmony in design.


Memory from Jaipur…

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