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25 November 2020

Golden Gifts


From colourful hand-cut stones to unique golden treasures, a collection of keepsake gifts to treat your loved ones this Christmas season.


Colourful Stud Earrings from £495

Foil Back Diamond Fringe Necklace £12,400


Signature Greek Rings from £1,350

The Greek Ring was one of Pippa’s first designs, the gold is delicately and quietly set around the stone, holding the stone but not dominating. Every stone is hand cut and follows the natural shape of the rock so there is no uniformity in the shape, but every piece is unique.

Turquoise Square Cord Pendant £1,990
PSTM Myanmar Poppy Pendant £2,800

PSTM Afghanistan Bracelets and Bangles from £115
Silver Gold Vermeil

Aquamarine Glacier Three Stone Cluster Parcel Pendant On Cord

Rough Cut Diamond Rings from £1,400

The hardest mineral on earth, the diamond is pure carbon and heavy with symbolism and meaning yet so light and pure to behold. Pippa loves the rockiness of diamonds, the uncut, the old polka Jaipur cuts, Indian rose cuts that gently meander following the natural shape of the stone. The gentle palette of dove greys, browns and warm cognacs – with a delicate mirror like surface and quiet glimmer that flashes and winks discreetly.

Diamond Dangling Hoop Earrings £8,800
Diamond Musical Notes Necklace £5,000

Handcut Lapis stone pieces from £1,170

PSTM Afghanistan Mixed Zahir Multi Drop Earrings £600
Silver Gold Vermeil

PSTM Afghanistan Collection starts from £50
Silver Gold Vermeil

Every piece is hand made in Kabul by the men and women artisans of the Turquoise Mountain Foundation. Training and employing young people in meaningful creative jobs is vitally important now in Afghanistan when the young desperately need hope and a sense of purpose in a beautiful country tragically caught up in violence and conflict.

Durga, the Goddess who rides the tiger, she is the protectress of the environment and fights injustices and ignorance, a goddess of our time.

Aquamarine Colette Set Wobble Bead Necklace with Drill Bead

Corded Colette Set Pendants from £625
Pippa's Jellyfish Earrings from £2,420

Survival Pendants from £1,560

Pippa Small is proud to present  two new pendants  to benefit Survival International to mark their 50th anniversary. Made from certified Fair Mined gold from the Yani mine in Bolivia and made by goldsmith Javier Poma in La Paz.

Survival’s ‘ hands’ are taken from 15,000 year-old handprints discovered in a cave in Castillo, Spain. They speak of people’s common ancestry. They say, ‘This is my mark, this is us’. Survival’s symbol is a powerful reminder of the need to support a way of life that’s increasingly under threat.

Pippa is donating a percentage of the proceeds to Survival International.




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