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15 November 2016

International Women’s Day

We are proud to celebrate International Women’s days today, and would like to honor Saeeda.

Born as a refugee in Pakistani camp she was struck down with cerebral Meningitis as a baby and lost her hearing.

After the fall of the Taliban, her parents returned to Afghanistan. Once finishing high school her brother suggested she should study a craft and she enrolled at the Turquoise Mountain Institute choosing jewellery because she loves the focus and skill that making it requires. Saeeda says “you need to be really precise and really patient, and I can lose myself for hours when I’m working on a delicate piece. The more intricate the piece the more I enjoy it.”

When asked how it feels to sell her pieces to people she says “designing a piece that somebody will buy and wear is a special experience for me. I love making a connection with someone through a shared sense of beauty”

Saeed and I collaborated on a special piece of jewellery for the Smithsonian exhibition which opened this week in Washington.

Saeeda will be coming to Washington to demonstrate her skills in April.

We are very proud to be working with such a brave and extraordinary woman.

To read more about the Turquoise Mountain Foundation in Afghanistan, click here.

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