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Wilder Botanics

Practicing as a herbalist and naturopath for the past thirteen years and having four children of diverse ages gave Rachel Landon the inspiration for so many distinct ways in which to incorporate the healing benefits of herbs into our daily lives, and from this Wilder Botanics was born.

The products are created from the finest organic energetic ingredients, completely sustainable and recyclable. There are no chemicals or preservatives, just pure natural products for your body to absorb.

Rachel and her husband are working together with awareness, on a journey with so many ideas for loving self care that is Wilder.

Formulated for you by Wilder’s master Herbalist for complete organic botanical support. A range of products from Wilder Botanics are now available in The Upstairs Shop.


Wilder infusions have been blended for the everyday support of the whole body system using only whole organic, wild crafted and vital botanicals.

Wilder uses the whole herb not just the husks found in most tea bags giving you all the organic natural nourishment and the beautiful daily ritual or ceremony of making a cup or pot of infused herbal goodness.

Each formula contains a blend of herbs that work their effectual botanical constituents to best support each part of our modern day lives, helping to rebalance, cleanse, refresh, nourish and enrich our whole body system. Each is carefully considered and hand blended with care and devotion in small batches, using only the finest energetic herbs for you in your daily lives.

Wilder has formulated Relaxing Bath Soaks especially for an end of day ritual to help soothe, nourish and relax the entire body transforming your bath into a cornucopia of natural elements.

This ideal mix of salts, clay and oil creates just the right balance to restore, detox and hydrate; using the essential oil and macerated oil means you are getting the full molecular benefit of the herb.

Epsom salts: Nourishing & moisturising

French Green Clay: Absorbing impurities & mineral rich

Lavender infused oil & essential oil: Nurturing & sedative

Chamomile essential oil: Relaxing & anti inflammatory

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