18kt Gold Navaratna Fringe on Sequin Chain Necklace



Navaratna, meaning Nine Gems, is an ancient Asian amulet found throughout Asia and is believed to have a special connection to each of the nine planets. Based on the astrological belief that our lives are influenced by the solar system, it is said that by wearing the charm you are allowing the powers of the planets to create a positive, balancing and protective influence on your life.

Representing Venus, the feminine planet, believed to bring the wearer riches, power and marital bliss
Representing the Sun, is one of the most powerful stones of the Navaratna and brings positive energy, longevity, power, success and spirituality. It should always be placed in the middle of the gems
Representing the Moon, bringing emotional stability, and creativity
Representing Mars, wearing Red Coral wards off doshas and brings physical strength and courage to the wearer
Yellow Sapphire 
Representing Jupiter, brings the wearer prosperity, luck, wisdom, and wealth
Representing Mercury, has a vital role in a vital role in bringing increased concentration, mental alertness and intellectual power
Representing the planet Rahu. While Rahu has no actual existence in our solar system, its powers and strength acquires it the status of a planet. Wearing a hessonite can control and concentrate the power of Rahu in attracting positive energy 
Blue Sapphire 
Representing Saturn, is worn to win over Saturn or ‘Shani’ and ward off evil eyes as it is the most protective of all the stones. The Navranta amulet should always be worn with the blue sapphire pointing towards the body. 
Cats Eye 
Representing Ketu, is worn for its powers to ward off the evil eye

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Dimensions Chain length: 15 inches Drop chain length: 30mm Stones: approx. 5mm   Material composition 18kt Gold & Diamond, Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, Hessonite, Blue Sapphire, Cat's Eye

Please note, each unique piece is individually hand-crafted and so may vary ever so slightly from the image featured.   This piece is also available at our London store.   This piece comes in a pink Pippa Small ribbon wrapped box.   This piece has been certified in accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973.

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Meet The Maker

Om Prakash

The son of a farmer, Om learnt stone cutting when young. He first specialized in carving crystal Gods for the temples, but now runs a small workshop in Sanganer, just outside jaipur. He has a wonderful sensitivity to stones and has worked with us for over twenty years.

Cutting each gem, following its individual, organic shape and giving the merest hint of enhancement with the subtlest facets, he elicits a gentle sparkle from each. As the years have passed, we have experienced many of life’s adventures together. He has had two children, one a jewellery design student, the other, a training accountant.

Om now has a team who have learnt his skills, share his respect and understanding for these organic jewels and together, they continue to do a wonderful job.

Om Prakash

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