18kt Gold PSTM Myanmar Elephant Stamp Pendant On Cord


This noble animal, so gentle with its complex family relations and social structure, is an inspiration. This piece was made in Myanmar with the artisans of Turquoise Mountain providing sustainable jobs and ensuring craft traditions survive. The piece is light and the gold is such a warm and glowing colour it lights the face of whoever puts it on.

Each piece is hand made in Myanmar by artisans trained in traditional goldsmith techniques. Drawing on ancient Burmese symbols, Buddhist iconography, and the natural world of this beautiful South East Asian country for inspiration, Pippa has been working with Turquoise Mountain Myanmar for years. Providing meaningful livelihood skills and much needed employment in one of Asia’s poorest countries.

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Material Composition 18kt Gold & 100% Waxed Cotton

Please note, each unique piece is individually hand-crafted and so may vary ever so slightly from the image featured.   This piece is also available at our London store.   This piece comes in a pink Pippa Small drawstring pouch.


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Meet The Maker

Tin Win

Like many of the most renowned goldsmiths in Myanmar, Tin Win comes from Ramree Island, Rakhine State. He grew up immersed in the goldsmith life, with a thin line between the workshop and the playground. It was the wish of his parents that he became a goldsmith, and he moved to Yangon in 1996 to study under the master U Kyaw Than.

He brings a deep philosophy and creativity to his work best expressed in his own words, “The most important thing of handmade jewellery is how you use your mind. You need to be creative, think about the form, structure, beauty and use of one piece. You need to think and make. Brain and hands”.

With over 20 years of experience, Ko Tin Win is now a master goldsmith working at the Turquoise Mountain workshop. He has helped create iconic pieces designed in collaboration with UK award-winning designer Pippa Small.

Watch Pippa Small and Tin Win’s recent collaboration for the World Economic Forum 2018 here.

Tin Win

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