Chrysoprase Seal Archaic Pendant on Cord


From the quartz family this stunning and joyful green gem has long been held as a powerful talisman for bringing optimism and joy. As with all green gems it symbolises life, new beginings and hope.
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Cord length: 36in. Please note that this necklace doesn't come with a clasp, and it is meant to go over head.

Pendant: 29.9 X 18.6mm

Material Composition

Chrysoprase & 100% Waxed Nylon Cord.

Please note, each unique piece is individually hand-crafted and so may vary ever so slightly from the image featured.   This piece is also available at our London store.   This piece comes in a pink Pippa Small cotton drawstring pouch.


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£20 standard delivery

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Rest of the World:

£30 standard delivery

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Meet The Maker

Om Prakash

The son of a farmer, Om learnt stone cutting when young. He first specialized in carving crystal Gods for the temples, but now runs a small workshop in Sanganer, just outside jaipur. He has a wonderful sensitivity to stones and has worked with us for over twenty years.

Cutting each gem, following its individual, organic shape and giving the merest hint of enhancement with the subtlest facets, he elicits a gentle sparkle from each. As the years have passed, we have experienced many of life’s adventures together. He has had two children, one a jewellery design student, the other, a training accountant.

Om now has a team who have learnt his skills, share his respect and understanding for these organic jewels and together, they continue to do a wonderful job.

Om Prakash

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