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Product care




Enhancing Your Pippa Small Experience


All metals and stones are natural and handcrafted to make each piece unique. Differences and flaws may therefore occur. Your jewellery should be cleaned using a soft toothbrush and chemical free soap. Contact for any questions about your pieces.




Caring For Your Jewellery


Gold Plated

We offer gold re-plating for our gold plated pieces that is free of charge before 4 months following your purchase. Should you wish to re-plate one of our pieces, please get in touch with for a quote.


Gold Plating naturally loses its luster over time depending on its maintenance. To preserve the plating as long as possible, please ensure to be mindful of the following points:

– Remove all plated jewellery before contact with water

– Remove all plated jewellery at end of day

– Avoid contact with perfume, liquids and any strong substances



All pieces featuring 100% waxed cotton cord should be kept away from water and/or other strong substances.


Looking After Delicate Stones


All stones require care to maintain longevity, as most can be heat sensitive and it is strongly advised to keep them away from strong substances.


Foil Back Diamond

Foil Backed Diamond pieces are delicate and require some care. We do not recommend you get them wet – especially fully submerged as this can damage the piece.



Opals are a sensitive stone and should be kept away from extreme temperatures. It is not recommended that you bathe in them. They love to be worn and take moisture from the skin to keep them beautiful and iridescent.



If your Pippa small piece is in need of repair please email It’s possible that it can take up to 12 weeks to mend depending on the type of repair.