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18kt Gold Survival Hand Pendant


Stone: Gold

Pippa Small is proud to present  two new pendants  to benefit Survival International to mark their 50th anniversary. Made from certified Fair Mined gold from the Yani mine in Bolivia and made by goldsmith Javier Poma in La Paz.


Survival’s ‘ hands’ are taken from 15,000 year-old handprints discovered in a cave in Castillo, Spain. They speak of people’s common ancestry. They say, ‘This is my mark, this is us’. Survival’s symbol is a powerful reminder of the need to support a way of life that’s increasingly under threat.


Pippa is donating a percentage of the proceeds to Survival International.


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Alpaca Cord Length: 18 inch

Gold Hand Pendant: approx 15mm x 30mm

The cord be be re-strung to any desired length.

Material Composition

18kt Gold & 100% Alpaca Wool

Please note, each unique piece is individually hand-crafted and so may vary ever so slightly from the image featured.


This piece is also available at our London store.


This piece comes in a pink Pippa Small ribbon wrapped box.


This piece has been certified in accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973.


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An Aymara Indian from Bolivia, Javier is the son of a Gold miner who began working in the mines of Tipuwani himself, at a very young age. He later moved onto goldsmithing and now has a tiny workshop in Miraflores near the coca market. From this little space, he makes beautiful creations for the indigenous Chola ladies of La Paz who invest heavily in the precious metal.

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