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22kt Gold PSTM Myanmar Jasmine Vine Ring

Stone: Gold

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Made in Myanmar with the skilled artisans of turquoise mountain. the aim of the programme is to train and provide safe creative employment for young artisans. each group of young men and women apprentices in the workshop either go on to open their own businesses in their home areas or stay on and going the workshop in Yangon, it is wonderful to see how learning a new skill blossoms their sense of self confidence and their pride at being able to create beautiful things.


The vine ring is an ancient nature  motif of love, life and eternity as it twists around the finger.


A band has to be the most important piece of jewellery in anyone’s life. Each ring made to be worn every day for the rest of your life, a symbol of love and commitment. We are now producing wedding rings with artisans who have trained in goldsmithing and now they have a sustainable safe job which has the ability to change lives. We are choosing solidarity with the artisans and commitment to cleaner and ethical production. In a world in so much chaos this small gesture has a wonderful knock on effect for many. Fairmined gold from Bolivia, gold bands made by goldsmiths in Kabul, Myanmar and Syrian refugees in Jordan.


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For information on price & fit, please contact


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Material Composition

22kt Gold


For information on price & fit, please contact


Please note, each unique piece is individually hand-crafted and so may vary ever so slightly from the image featured.


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This piece comes in a pink Pippa Small ribbon-wrapped box.


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Tin Win

Like many of the most renowned goldsmiths in Myanmar, Tin Win comes from Ramree Island, Rakhine State. He grew up immersed in the goldsmith life, with a thin line between the workshop and the playground. It was the wish of his parents that he became a goldsmith, and he moved to Yangon in 1996 to study under the master U Kyaw Than.

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