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Fairmined Bolivian Gold Pebble Necklace


Pink Alpaca Wool

Stone: Gold

22kt Gold


Fairmined Bolivian gold from the Yani cooperative, each pebble is hand made and utterly unique, smooth and warm to the touch these little amulets are from a precious part of the world where they are trying to mitigate the problems associated with mining by providing a secure safe income and minimal impact on the environment.


Hung on rainbow shades of alpaca these gold nuggets are little treasure, each one unique and beautiful.


Fairmined Bolivian Gold Pebble Necklace in Blue


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Large Bolivian Pebble: 20mm x 13 mm

Small Bolivian Pebble:  21mm x 12 mm

Alpaca Wool Cord Length: 26 inches

Material Composition: Alapaca Wool + Gold


Strung on Woven Alpaca Wool.

Please note that the length and colour of the alpaca can be changed upon request

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An Aymara Indian from Bolivia, Javier is the son of a Gold miner who began working in the mines of Tipuwani himself, at a very young age. He later moved onto goldsmithing and now has a tiny workshop in Miraflores near the coca market. From this little space, he makes beautiful creations for the indigenous Chola ladies of La Paz who invest heavily in the precious metal.

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