An Update on Zindagi Now

As I prepare to leave for Kabul to visit the workshops, I wanted to write a note about Zindagi Now, a project that you, our incredibly generous and wonderful clients, have supported by purchasing our Zindagi Now fundraising necklaces

Through the sale of our Zindagi Now necklaces and donations from our generous supporters, 140 women have been given a space to develop their jewellery making, gem cutting, setting, design, computer, and business skills.

Zindagi Now Fundraising Necklaces

Our partner in Kabul, Mohammad and I started Zindagi Now (meaning a new life) shortly after the change in government in Afghanistan in 2021 to provide a safe and creative space for women to make jewellery and develop business skills. To fund this project, we created a unique amulet necklace in various stone types, where 100% of the profits sustain the continuation of Zindagi Now. 

Together, we have raised over £100,000, sold 500 Zindagi Now fundraising necklaces, and supported over 140 women in Afghanistan.

Of the women who have been part of Zindagi Now, 12 now work in local jewellery workshops, 22 have business licences and have started their small businesses, 5 hold admin positions for Zindagi now, and 20 work with us on the production of new designs.

Six months ago, we launched our Next Generation platform on our website to celebrate the jewellers of Zindagi Now design talents and how they use their skills to express themselves both culturally and emotionally.

It is important and wonderful that a jewel made by the hand of an Afghan woman travels across the world and becomes a voice, a charm that allows the maker to travel out, too, to be seen, heard, and appreciated. 

Zindagi Now Workshop in Afghanistan

When I walk up the stairs to the workshop in the old building in Kabul, I am met by the sounds of laughter, chatter, hammering, and filing. It is always the most fulfilling experience to chat with the women and hear in their voices the pride they have in their achievements. Pride is also seen when they physically hold something beautiful that they made with their own hands and that will travel the world and be treasured by someone else. Making has a powerful impact.

Zindagi Now brings girls and women from various backgrounds, ethnicities, and parts of the country together to laugh, create, discuss, share, and support each other. 100% of all profits of our Zindagi Now fundraising necklaces will continue to go directly to the female artisans, giving hope and a future to women in Afghanistan. Mohammad’s and my dream is to grow this space and the social enterprise to include more woman who can become financially independent and support their families. We would love to imagine this as a model to set up in other parts of the country. There is such need.

Thank you again to all our generous clients who have made Zindagi Now possible.

With much love,

"The training provided me with the direction I always dreamed of. I always feel strong when I come out of my room and spend time with a wonderful group of women artists who create beautiful jewellery for women around the world. I feel proud that I can support myself and my family." - Nargis Noori (Zindagi Now Artisan)


"I was born into a very religious family. My father and mother didn't believe that women could work. I’ve proved to them through my work at Zindagi that this is not the case. I’m now a proud jeweller who makes handmade, beautiful jewellery for women around the world. My father is very proud of me." - Madina Nikzad (Zindagi Now Artisan)

"Zindagi Now has a positive impact on our lives after we graduate, says Sahar, an 18-year-old returnee from Pakistan. With the skills I learned through ZN, I, along with my two sisters, can work in our local community, creating beautiful handmade Turkmen and other types of jewellery. We are now self-sufficient and can help our families through pure arts." - Sahar (Zindagi Now Artisan)