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Turquoise Mountain Myanmar Collection

Palm Collection

Dedicated to the subtle beauty of the natural work around us


Meaningful stones inspiring courage, confidence and comfort

Earth's Rainbow

Taking inspiration from one of nature's most magical phenomenas

About Us

London based, Ethical jeweller Pippa Small MBE has been making jewellery for over 25 years.
For the last 20 years we have been striving to make beautiful jewellery and to ensure that what we make is rooted in creating sustainable jobs, cultural preservation of traditional hand made artisanal techniques and where possible supporting cleaner, fairer mining practices. We do this by working with charities like Turquoise Mountain, Fairmined Organizations and directly with communities in many parts of the world. We believe craft traditions and jewellery in particular can be an empowering, creative and enriching livelihood.
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Ethical Design

We believe Jewellery has the potential to change lives. Our projects give communities a re- found respect for traditional design and a sense of self-confidence, pride in their creations and a path towards economic independence. Where possible we work with industry standards such as “Fair mined gold” and Fair trade, traceable gem sources and charities and NGO’s working with communities on human rights, protecting heritages, and promoting artisan’s skills.

Turquoise Mountain Collection : Afghanistan

Turquoise Mountain Collection : Afghanistan

We are very proud of our partnership with the Turquoise Mountain Foundation in Afghanistan. The foundation aims to train and provide much needed employment for young artisans and create a craft market for their work, as well as an extraordinary architectural restoration project of the historic old city of Kabul

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Turquoise Mountain Collection : Myanmar

Turquoise Mountain Collection : Myanmar

The Turquoise Mountain Foundation set up a new project in Myanmar in 2015 to combine heritage led regeneration in Yangon with supporting and reviving a traditional craft industry across the country, training and employing young artisans in traditional hand made jewellery

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Bolivian Pebble Collection

Bolivian Pebble Collection

Bolivian gold from the Yani cooperative, each pebble is hand made and utterly unique

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I am so lucky to work with many incredible people around the world. The relationships have often grown from professional to lifelong friendships. It has been wonderful to learn from master craftspeople who have been practising their skills for decades as well as watching young talent grow and watch their enthusiasms with new designs. Through the various artisan’s life stories, I have learnt a little about the culture and history of their country, and the universal importance of family, creativity and as careful an impact on the environment as is possible. I love sitting with artisans discussing ideas, materials, and meanings of stones and designs.

Bolivian Pebbles

Gold sourced from Bolivia, each pebble is hand made and utterly unique, smooth and warm to the touch these little amulets are from a precious part of the world. Hung on rainbow shades of alpaca these gold nuggets are little treasures, each one unique and beautiful. We work with Yani a mine high in the Andes that has recently been certified as Fair Mined – this means it has passed a strict set of standards to ensure a clean and safe work practice, every year the standards are raised to ensure that the mine is improving its impact on the surrounding environment.


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