Pippa embarked on her latest collaboration in Bethlehem in 2022 with the same mission since day one: to create a collection that considers the impact and livelihoods of the artisans she works with. Reviving and honouring traditional craft has always been a core value for Pippa.  

When Pippa started her collaboration in Bethlehem, the region's rich historical heritage and traditions, which bring meaning and pride to its people, were already in danger of disappearing due to conflict. Pippa's work aims to bring a new light and appreciation to the traditional craftsmanship and skills practised for generations within the region.

Pippa is partnering with the 'Golden Zaytouna' workshop, led by artisans Tawfeeq and Samer Qattan; father and son and Nadira Alaraj. Their work is centred around the olive leaf, an ancient symbol of peace and wisdom deeply ingrained in Bethlehem's cultural heritage. This work not only supports regional craft enterprises but also shares a piece of this rich heritage with the international market.

"I have found the Middle East completely fascinating, with a mix of histories, cultures, religions, and people. Creating collections drawn from this region is very exciting. I really believe the act of creating is an act of hope, and these valuable livelihood skills can bring security, an income, pride, and a sense of achievement." - Pippa Small.

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