Behind The Piece - Navaratna

The concept of the Navaratna as an ancient microcosm of the interconnectedness of our universe in the Vedic tradition has long fascinated me. I designed this bracelet to hold the nine sacred gems decades ago. It sits snugly on the wrist with an open back so the stones can touch your skin as the amulet is supposed to. Wearing it makes me feel safe and connected. 

Navaratna is an ancient Asian amulet found throughout Asia - it is believed the nine auspicious gems have a special connection to each of the nine planets. In wearing the charm, you are allowing the powers of the planets to create a positive, balancing and protective influence on your life. 


Emerald - Mercury - Patience
Diamond - Venus - Abundance
Pearl - Moon - Protection
Yellow Sapphire - Jupiter - Compassion
Ruby - Sun - Balance
Coral - Mars - Courage
Cats Eye - Ketu - Confidence
Blue Sapphire - Saturn - Love
Hessonite - Rahu - Self-Respect