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Jewellery has the potential to change lives. Our projects give communities a re-found respect for traditional design and a sense of self-confidence, pride in their creations and a path towards economic independence.
turquoise mountain jordan ethical charity sustainable pippa small london jewellery fashion

Aya is working for Turquoise Mountain Jordan in the workshop having given up teaching physics to follow her dream of making jewellery.

Aya's story
sushil artisan india handcraft pippa small london ethical sustainable fashion luxury gift

Born in Jaipur Sushil and I have worked together for about 15 years, Sushil learned his skill from his family, his uncle Khen Raj who was a master goldsmith and has been a goldsmith for 25 years.

Sushil's story
Tin Win

Like many of the most renowned goldsmiths in Myanmar, Tin Win comes from Ramree Island, Rakhine State. He grew up immersed in the goldsmith life, with a thin line between the workshop and the playground. It was the wish of his parents that he became a goldsmith, and he moved to Yangon in 1996 to study under the master U Kyaw Than.

Tin Win's story

An Aymara Indian from Bolivia, Javier is the son of a Gold miner who began working in the mines of Tipuwani himself, at a very young age. He later moved onto goldsmithing and now has a tiny workshop in Miraflores near the coca market. From this little space, he makes beautiful creations for the indigenous Chola ladies of La Paz who invest heavily in the precious metal.

Javier's story

Aman is a Lua from Kenya, who first began selling hand-carved wooden spoons at the market in Nairobi. At the time he and his family lived in Kibera, a huge slum in the city, surrounded by garbage. It was often a violent and hazardous place to live, but he and his brothers continued to develop their craft from a small mud hut.

Aman's story
om artisan india handcraft pippa small london ethical sustainable fashion luxury gift
Om Prakash

The son of a farmer, Om learnt stone cutting when young. He first specialized in carving crystal Gods for the temples, but now runs a small workshop in Sanganer, just outside jaipur. He has a wonderful sensitivity to stones and has worked with us for over twenty years.

Om Prakash's story

Tomuco is a San Bushman from Ghanzi in Botswana, and like all in her community her life is going through many changes. From being independent hunter gatherers, the Bushmen have slowly been pushed off their land, banned from hunting and given no rights, or jobs.

Tomuco's story

Juan is a quiet man whose primary business is selling fresh fruit and vegetables in Santiago de Chile. His quiet passion, however, is for the jewellery of his people, the Mapuche Indians. Juan spent his youth working as an apprentice with old master Mapuche silversmiths in different parts of Chile, learning the stories of their designs and the symbolism of their protective amulets.

Juan's story

Rubellino a Kuna Indian goldsmith from Kunayala, lives on a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea, just off the coast of Panama. His community are fiercely independent, yet deeply traditional and take great pride in defending their rich culture and values.

Rubellino's story