Wilmar Marquinez, 50 years old. Born in Tumaco, and raised in Barbacoas, the ancestral capital of gold panning and Afro jewellery. Willmar’s artistic creative mind and highly skilled technique developed over 30 years, allow him to develop the most unique filigree shapes and patterns. Wilmar dominates all the local jewellery techniques, but he mostly works in filigree which is also his favourite technique. His dream is to become an independent jeweller and save money to invest in his own home. "Keep treasuring these ancestral jewels so that jewellers like me can continue dedicating our lives to this art" is his message to Pippa’s customers.

For this collection, he made the peacock necklace, using skilled filigree work to fill the tail and wings of this intricate pendant. He also incorporated this spectacular bird into a ring and earring design. The Peacock symbolizes beauty and love and is inspired by a traditional local ancient design.