Next Generation

We are very proud to introduce the 'Next Generation', a platform for Afghan jewellers based in Kabul to show and sell their work. 

Since 2008 we have been working with men and women artisans in Kabul, who have continued to produce a high standard of work through all the challenges and changes that have unfolded in their country over the last decade. 

We are delighted to share their designs and are astounded by the work they are producing which draws on their cultural heritage, material design culture and their own personal experiences. 

Next Generation Artisans

For young women today in Kabul there are many restrictions on their freedoms, to be able to go to a communal workshop, share a space with other women, exchange experiences and draw support from each other is invaluable. To have a voice through their designs that will go out into the world and give them visibility in a world that is trying to make them disappear is priceless.

The Next Generation work is a mix of the women from our initiative Zindagi Now (A New Life Trust) and men and women’s businesses supported through Arts Charity Turquoise Mountain. 

Supporting and treasuring this work will have a huge impact on the lives of women and men who are facing economic and social challenges while also bringing visibility, independence and joy.

Next Generation Artisans