We are very proud to introduce the 'Next Generation', a platform for Afghan jewellers from our initiative Zindagi Now and men's and women's businesses supported through Arts Charity Turquoise Mountain to show and sell their work.

Supporting and treasuring this work will have a huge impact and bring visibility, independence, and joy to the lives of women and men of Afghanistan facing economic and social challenges.


We lost hope until we learned about Zindagi Now, a new life that provides women the great opportunity to come under one roof and work for our future dreams. The design of these studs is taken from a famous geometric masjid from Turkey. When I see the photo of my design, it's so beautiful; I love it, but finishing these studs was a dream come true.

Next Generation Artisan

Zuhra's Pieces

Next Generation Artisan


I've always loved seeing a piece come to life, from a design to an actual piece of art. The design for this ring was inspired by the branches of a tree and the fact that light will always emerge after darkness.

Nargis' Pieces


My enthusiasm and interest in goldsmithing began when I was a refugee in Pakistan, but there, I did not have the opportunity to learn or understand this art form. It was only when I returned to my homeland and became a part of Zindagi Now that I was given the opportunity to learn and produce handmade jewellery for the international market. I have taken inspiration for this collection from the sky, stars and moon to symbolize a future of hope.  

Next Generation Artisan

Sahar's Pieces

Next Generation Artisan


I've always followed my dreams of making beautiful handmade jewellery passed onto me from a rich jewellery background. 

Husna's Pieces


I always gain great skills working with the ladies of Zindagi Now in Kabul during very difficult moments in my life!

Shila's Pieces

Next Generation Artisan


I love making jewellery and I got the inspiration for this collection from my grandmother who makes traditional jewellery for her grandchildren. The apricot flower branch inspires this design. I find joy in taking inspiration for my jewellery designs from nature. 

Frohar's Pieces

Zulaikha Hashemi

Design and jewellery making were two of my greatest ambitions, and I was waiting to turn one of my beautiful designs into a piece of art one day. I designed and made this flower ring in a very classic way. Its small stones represent coloured flowers in a twisted vine. Creating this ring has given me the energy to work with stones.  

Next Generation Artisan

Zulaikha Hashemi's Pieces

Next Generation Artisan


Zindagi Now gives us the opportunity to turn our raw ideas into great pieces of art. This design is inspired by an old Afghan Bamiyan design, I loved re-working this design. 

Zaila's Pieces


My journey started with a drawing of stars I did when I was very young in Pakistan. I couldn't have imagined that I'd turn the stars into real art pieces one day – my dream came true. Stars were my inspiration for this design because I saw the stars' beauty when I looked at the sky and wanted to make a design just as beautiful. I hope my designs become even more beautiful and shine brighter than the main star.

Next Generation Artisan

Tamkin's Pieces