We are very proud to introduce the 'Next Generation', a platform for Afghan jewellers from our initiative Zindagi Now and men's and women's businesses supported through Arts Charity Turquoise Mountain to show and sell their work.

Supporting and treasuring this work will have a huge impact and bring visibility, independence, and joy to the lives of women and men of Afghanistan facing economic and social challenges.

Next Generation Artisan - Sadaf


Imagine a design so unique and captivating that it draws the attention of everyone in the room. That was my vision when I looked to the skies and drew inspiration from the graceful movements of birds. I've poured my heart and soul into creating a design that captures birds' simplicity and beauty and stands out as an alluring masterpiece.

Sadaf's Pieces


I was a proud teacher and now a proud jewellery maker at the Zindagi Now workshop. Here, amidst the creative process, we make jewellery but also find a sense of peace and empowerment.

Next Generation Artisan - Khatera

Khatera's Pieces

Next Generation Artisan - Mahjoba


It is difficult for a young girl to have self-confidence in such a situation in Afghanistan, but this art not only builds our confidence but also our future.

Mahjoba's Pieces


A trip to Bamyan changed my life's history. I fell in love with the beauty of nature in Afghanistan, which inspired me to produce beautiful art pieces with Zindagi Now.

Next Generation Artisan - Enjila

Enjila's Pieces

Next Generation Artisan - Hakimi


I started making jewellery recently and enjoy the designing and creative side more than anything else. I especially like learning about design and storytelling. I take part in every opportunity because I feel that there is a lot to learn, and I want to learn it all.  

My collection Shojaat is inspired by the remainings of my great granddad's house in my village. There is not much left of the house as it has been destroyed throughout the years. The only part left is a single piece of wall that stands alone in the fields. I love that wall. I often sit by it and watch it to remember my childhood and the good memories. My family has a plan to build a new house in that space. To keep that wall alive, I made it into a necklace so I can keep it with me forever.  

Hakemi's Pieces


I'm a motivated and passionate jeweller who loves the art of jewellery making. I have dedicated fifteen years to this profession, showcasing my skills in both crafting and designing. I not only produce jewellery but also focus on my artistic design.  

I used coins as my inspiration for this collection, as they have been used as decoration on clothing and jewellery for centuries in Afghanistan. I always draw on Afghan culture and tradition for my inspiration, and this collection is no exception. My hope is to keep the tradition alive, and as a jeweller, I hope to do this by making similar everyday pieces that draw on traditional designs.  

I aspire to achieve even greater dreams and continue striving towards transforming my business into a modern and well-equipped jewellery making enterprise. With determination and enthusiasm, I hope to shine internationally in the realm of jewellery craftsmanship and showcase my art and abilities. 

Next Generation Artisan - Mahdi

Mahdi's Pieces

Next Generation Artisan - Amiri


I have loved jewellery making from a young age. I began my journey by working as a welder. I then tried tailoring but discovered my true passion was in crafting jewellery. 

I pursued my dream of jewellery making at the Turquoise Mountain Institute, mastering six styles of goldsmithing. After graduating with excellent grades, I worked as an intern, working my way up to a sample maker with various jewellery-making companies. In 2018, I successfully started my own company and have been going from strength to strength since then. I aspire to establish a significant Afghan jewellery business globally, not only for personal success but also to contribute to my community by creating opportunities for entrepreneurship and education.  

Using high-quality materials from Afghan mines, I create beautiful products, including gold, silver, brass, and various precious stones.  

This jewellery collection draws inspiration from traditional Turkmen works, creating a captivating blend of old and new design elements.  

Amiri's Pieces


Making jewellery is not just a job for me. It’s an interesting hobby. It’s what keeps me occupied, happy, and fulfilled every day. I love designing and making wearable items is satisfying.   

My collection is inspired by an Egyptian Queen who was a strong woman. Despite the many challenges she faced, she led a nation to success. In her time, culture and art flourished. I hope those who buy my pieces feel powerful and beautiful when they wear my work.  I have many ideas I need to work on, and I view jewellery making as an avenue to bring my ideas to life. It helps me tell my stories and communicate intimately without words. I want my jewellery to be a thread, a road that connects me with people around the globe.
I am a very communicative and sociable person. Jewellery helps me communicate with people I haven’t met yet in a way I otherwise don’t see possible.  

Next Generation Hamasa Jewellery

Hamasa's Pieces

Next Generation Fatima Jewellery


I chose to make and design jewellery because it is a very interesting and beautiful art form. I am interested in filigree, enamel, and carving work in jewellery making. 

My collection is inspired by a traditional necklace my family has had for many generations. It is a heavy silver piece worn by the girls in the family for traditional dress occasions. I wanted to design something based on that for everyday wear so I can use it regularly.  My wish is to become a famous jeweller with a large jewellery business. I love designing and design a piece or two every day. I can’t make all of my designs, but maybe one day I will when I become famous.

Fatima's Pieces


I participated in jewellery design classes at Turquoise Mountain Afghanistan under the guidance of Pippa Small, where I designed a piece inspired by my family heirloom. I redesigned this piece based on my own inspiration and skills which were later crafted by Abdul-Habib Amiri, a jeweller who also participated in the same training program.

Next Genereation Artisan - Edrisa

Edrisa's Pieces

Next Generation Artisan - Nargis


I've always loved seeing a piece come to life, from a design to an actual piece of art. The design for this ring was inspired by the branches of a tree and the fact that light will always emerge after darkness.

Nargis' Pieces


Since I was a child, I have loved jewellery. I learned professional jewellery-making skills at the Turquoise Mountain Institute and like my work to be creative and unique. My designs use various colours and stones so my customers can appreciate various Afghan gems.  

My "The Silk Road Collection" is inspired by Afghanistan's past and hopes for the future. The Silk Road trade inspires me as it brought a lot of culture and art to Afghanistan. It changed people's lives and created many jobs. I hope this will once again be the story of Afghanistan. I carved a car shape like the one recently built in Afghanistan. I'm very proud of this design and want it to be used as a symbol for the future of my country.  

My goal is to grow my craft into a large international jewellery company. I want to continue to use the unique history and culture of my country as the inspiration for all my work.  

Next Generation Artisan - Belal

Belal's Pieces

Next Generation Nasreen Jewellery


I used to be a chemistry teacher, and when I couldn’t continue my work as a teacher, I started making chains in the jewellery workshop. Despite never having any professional training, I found jewellery making more creative and lucrative. I learned jewellery making skills on the job from my Ustads. One skill at a time. I learned by asking questions and being extremely curious. I knew the basics of working with chemicals, and I am a creative person and I love the opportunity to combine both my passions.

 I like reading. Poems inspire most of my work. I also like traveling to get inspiration from houses and historical places. I based my collection on patterns found in the art and architecture from Nadir Afshar’s period. Nadir Afshar was from the Qizilbash tribe that established the Safavid Dynasty in Iran and parts of Afghanistan. My hope for the future is a fair work environment where every artist is respected, heard, and given equal opportunity. I want a future full of arts, culture, freedom, and equality.  

Nasreen's Pieces

Zulaikha Hashemi

Design and jewellery making were two of my greatest ambitions, and I was waiting to turn one of my beautiful designs into a piece of art one day. I designed and made this flower ring in a very classic way. Its small stones represent coloured flowers in a twisted vine. Creating this ring has given me the energy to work with stones.  

Next Generation Artisan - Zulaikha Hashemi

Zulaikha Hashemi's Pieces

Next Generation Artisan - Shila


I always gain great skills working with the ladies of Zindagi Now in Kabul during very difficult moments in my life!

Shila's Pieces


We lost hope until we learned about Zindagi Now, a new life that provides women the great opportunity to come under one roof and work for our future dreams. The design of these studs is taken from a famous geometric masjid from Turkey. When I see the photo of my design, it's so beautiful; I love it, but finishing these studs was a dream come true.

Next Generation Artisan - Zuhra

Zuhra's Pieces

Next Generation Artisan - Tamkin


My journey started with a drawing of stars I did when I was very young in Pakistan. I couldn't have imagined that I'd turn the stars into real art pieces one day – my dream came true. Stars were my inspiration for this design because I saw the stars' beauty when I looked at the sky and wanted to make a design just as beautiful. I hope my designs become even more beautiful and shine brighter than the main star.

Tamkin's Piece


My enthusiasm and interest in goldsmithing began when I was a refugee in Pakistan, but there, I did not have the opportunity to learn or understand this art form. It was only when I returned to my homeland and became a part of Zindagi Now that I was given the opportunity to learn and produce handmade jewellery for the international market. I have taken inspiration for this collection from the sky, stars and moon to symbolize a future of hope.  

Next Generation Artisan - Sahar

Sahar's Piece

Next Generation Artisan - Frohar


I love making jewellery and I got the inspiration for this collection from my grandmother who makes traditional jewellery for her grandchildren. The apricot flower branch inspires this design. I find joy in taking inspiration for my jewellery designs from nature. 

Frohar's Pieces