Zindagi Now

Zindagi Now Lapis Necklace

We’ve collaborated with our team in Kabul to launch Zindagi Now, A New Life, a new initiative that provides a safe and creative space for Afghan women to make jewellery and develop business skills – giving them a newfound sense of confidence, and hope.

Afghan artisan - zindagi now


To sustain this vital project, we’ve created a unique amulet necklace with 100% of profits donated directly to female artisans. Completing this project gives women confidence, empowerment, and the opportunity for a new life with financial independence and skills that will be passed to future generations of women. 

“We lost hope until we found out about Zindagi Now who provide women with a great working opportunity to come under one roof and work for our future dreams” 

Zindagi Now Aquamarine Necklace

Handcrafted by women in Kabul, this limited-edition necklace showcases Afghanistan’s most precious gemstones, including regal blue Lapis sourced from the 6000-year-old mines of Badakhshan, and Aquamarine found in Nuristan, in the Northeast. Each stone is set in 18kt Gold Vermeil and strung on our signature gold cord, with a gold bead symbolising hope and new beginnings.

“The powerful values of confidence, economic empowerment and pride this project gives women are invaluable, creating hope and a legacy for future generations of women.”

Behind the scenes - Zindagi now necklace Zindagi Now Necklace