Pippa Small Travels to Afghanistan

"A year ago, I thought I would never get back to the country that has grown to mean so much to me. So, when our partner in Kabul said he felt it was safe to return, I was over the moon. Afghanistan is an astoundingly beautiful country with people like nowhere else. Brave, resilient, and proud." - Pippa Small

Film by Arturo Simondetti

Pippa Small Travels to Colombia

Watch our film of my journey to Colombia to learn more about our eco river panned gold and emeralds collection, Together Forever.

Film by Arturo Simondetti

Pippa Small Travels to India

"I am very proud to present a short film made by my talented nephews, 17-year-old twins, Art and Theo, who travelled to India with my twins and I last month. I wanted to see India through their eyes as first-time visitors to this extraordinary country and to see the process of seeking and choosing stones and the making of the jewellery.

I have been travelling to India since I was a teenager and it has become my second home, I love it for its magic and madness. The film shows a little of the world I inhabit and the making of a Tibetan gold ring.

We made our way to Jaipur and bundled into Tuk Tuk’s in the Rajasthani heat and began our Indian adventure…" - Pippa Small

Film by Arturo Simondetti

World Economic Forum

Pippa Small has designed over a dozen jewellery lines with Turquoise Mountain artisans. The most recent collaboration was with artisans in Yangon.

Pippa travelled alongside master goldsmith Tin Win to the World Economic Forum in Davos, to be a part of Turquoise Mountain’s immersive exhibition ‘MASTERWORKS: seeking connection, building communities’.

Film by Arturo Simondetti

Pippa Small Travels to Bolivia

"As we meandered down the winding track I looked out across the mountain range. Llamas lined the route as low hanging clouds billowed beneath us and Eagles circled overhead. With every twist and turn of the path, the landscape changed slightly. Treeless plains were soon replaced by a carpet of large-leafed tropical ferns as we descended into the mine. Located in the lush foothills of the Andes, the Cotopata is a small cooperative with about 30 miners. With no direct road to it, the miners follow the narrow track leading down from the top of the hills, passing over streams and waterfalls, with their equipment on their backs, to the base where the Gold processing occurs." - Pippa Small

Film by Arturo Simondetti

Pippa Small Travels to Jordan

We are proud to be partnering again with Turquoise Mountain Jordan to train a new generation of artisans in the Levant. Jordanians and refugees from Syria and Palestine are learning the art of handmade jewellery to keep skills, tradition and heritage alive and provide a sustainable livelihood. Creating hope and a brighter future. One of the designs we worked on was the beautiful gold Protective Eye Pendants with a rainbow of talismanic gems from around the world.

Film by Arturo Simondetti

Pippa Small Travels to Panama

"As I arrived on the island of Soledad and Miria, just off the Caribbean coast, I was captivated by the beauty of the islanders. The Kuna women were heavily adorned with beaded jewellery. From wrist to elbow. Knee to ankle. Their cheeks were perfectly rouged and a fine black line lengthened their noses, whilst rich vibrant scarves covered their hair. Over their blouses they wore complex, applique designs, each telling a unique story. Inspired by dreams and visions, these brightly coloured maps told tales of magical soul journeys, each Mola unique to the individual wearing it and their experiences. The Kuna women were proud to explain their reason for taking such great care of their appearance. The Kuna Indians believe that as Mother Earth provides the plants from which they can make clothes, and the Gold from which they create their charms, the least they can do to repay her is decorate themselves with her gifts and wear them beautifully." - Pippa Small

Pippa Travels to Botswana

"My early trips to Botswana were a mix of challenging and exciting. It was my first time collaborating directly with a community to create craft and jewellery. Drawing on traditional motifs and techniques, I worked with two communities of San Bushman in Botswana and South Africa to make something new that would open markets in Europe and Japan for their unique work.

Filmmaker Chris Wyatt came with me to create a visual diary of our trip. It was very important to me that the place, the people, their unique language and skills was visually present along with their work." - Pippa Small