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Pippa Small is an ethical jewellery brand, creating talismans for modern life. Traditionally crafted to tell a story, giving a voice to the highly skilled goldsmiths, stone cutters and artisans across the globe that bring the ancient art of jewellery making to life in every design.

Working with both charities and directly within diverse communities to set a new standard for ethical jewellery practices, the brand enables the creation of sustainable jobs and supports cleaner, fairer mining practices, always putting people first. 

To wear Pippa Small jewellery is to wear your values as a second skin, to embrace connection with the world around us and experience new cultures through beautiful design. Each handmade piece harbours a unique soul, crafted by hand to last a lifetime.

Pippa Small

Eco Gold

Our Colombian jewellery collection is handmade using purely eco gold hand panned from the rivers of Choco by the women of the Afro-Colombian community.

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Meet the Makers

We work with men, women, and old masters who see traditional gold work as a core part of their Afro-Colombian cultural identity.

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The Colombian collection features alluvial emeralds from the mountain rivers of Muzo and Chivor, also hand panned without the use of machines and with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. 

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Pippa's journey to Colombia

Classic Collection: Jaipur

Pippa first travelled to Jaipur when she was a teenager and fell under the city’s spell, a region of India famed for its abundance of creativity and skilled artisans drawn from around the country. We work with master goldsmiths, gem cutters and setters, their work is exceptional and inspiring. We draw on the wonders of nature as the basis for our designs and work with stones that are traded in Jaipur and sourced from all over the world to create our classic collections of jewellery.

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Turquoise Mountain Collection: Afghanistan

We are proud to have been working with the artisans of Afghanistan since 2008. Drawing inspiration from the myriad of traditional techniques and skills such as gem inlay and chain making, as well as respecting design motifs tracing back to ancient Bactrian and early Islamic design traditions. The gems are sourced all over the country including the ancient heaven blue lapis mines of Badakhshan and spring green emeralds from the mountains of Panjshir. 

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Turquoise Mountain Collection: Myanmar

We have been working with Turquoise Mountain in Myanmar since 2015 in Yangon to help preserve traditional goldsmithing techniques and skills and train the next generation to provide jobs and a renewed sense of pride. Since the 2th century BC, there has been an exceptional skill in the region in gold work, with delicate filigree, granulation and gem cutting. We respectfully draw our design inspiration from the Pyu period and from the diverse traditions of the many ethnic communities within the country. 

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Turquoise Mountain Collection: Jordan

This middle eastern kingdom has for centuries been a part of ancient trading routes creating abundant design traditions from the ancient gold of the Nabataeans and Greeks to the silver work of the Bedouin. Working with Jordanian, Syrian and Palestinian artisans to create fresh contemporary collections of jewellery inspired by ancient traditions.

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Pebble Collection: Bolivia

Carefully sourcing the gold we use from certified Fair mined or Fair-trade gold mines from the region we work with skilled traditional artisans in La Paz to create pieces inspired by Pre-Colombian designs and casting techniques. The gold pebbles have a particularly tactile and smooth finish and are strung on rainbow shades of alpaca.

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Together Forever Collection: Colombia

The protection of our planet and its natural resources has always been at the forefront of our core values as a company and we are constantly striving to find cleaner and safer ways to create our jewellery. We are very excited to share our latest project made in Colombia using clean gold.

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100% of profits from this necklace will go directly to the female artisans, giving hope and a future to women in Afghanistan.

Support Zindagi Now

18kt Gold Vermeil Afghanistan Zindagi Now Lapis Pendant on Cord
Pippa has spent the last 15 years working with the brilliant artisans of Afghanistan. Her most recent project has been a collaboration with our team in Kabul to launch Zindagi Now, A New Life. This initiative provides a safe and creative space for Afghan women to make jewellery and develop business skills – giving them a newfound sense of confidence, and hope. Together we have supported 69 women, and by purchasing this necklace for yourself or a loved one, you can help us support many more.

Pippa's Journal

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Cool Hunting x Pippa Small

Pippa Small’s Ethical Jewelry Brand The British anthropologist and entrepreneur tells us how she created a bridge between local communities and...

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Zindagi Now

Zindagi Now

We’ve collaborated with our team in Kabul to launch Zindagi Now, A New Life, a new initiative that provides a safe and creative space for Afghan...

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